What is Transpersonal Psychotherapy?

View of Maida Vale

View from the therapy rooms – In transpersonal therapy, water is seen as symbolic for feelings or the unconscious. Being near water often helps clients to connect unconsciously with their deeper feelings, allowing us to work integratively and transpersonally on a deep level.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy is an integrative approach with a holistic and spiritual dimension, giving the therapist a variety of treatment methods, ranging from Psychodynamic Counselling over CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), TA (Transactional Analysis), Existential and Gestalt counselling to Jungian and Transpersonal concepts.

Transpersonal counselling aims at balancing mind, body and soul, allowing you to live your life consciously and joyfully. A Life crisis is seen as an opportunity for break-through and self-actualisation.

Life is meaningful.

While Madeleine, as a transpersonal psychotherapist and counsellor holds the spiritual dimension, there is no “preaching”. Your spiritual views and values – or indeed your absence of interest in the matter – will be fully respected.

Madeleine is experienced at working with trainee therapists from many different organisations, both transpersonal and integrative. She welcomes enquiries from students.

Madeleine is also a member of the UKCP Transpersonal Special Interest Group Steering Committee.




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