Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session last?
Sessions last for 50 minutes, starting and finishing on time.
For couples counselling and EMDR longer sessions may be scheduled.

How much do you charge?
The fee during daytime (until and including 4pm) is £80 – £100 according to means. In the evening (5pm onwards, as well as weekends) the fee is £90 – £110 according to means. Couple’s sessions (50mins) are charged at £90 -£110 daytime and £95 – £115 from 5pm onwards. Longer sessions will be charged pro-rata.
An EMDR- session of 70 minutes is charged at £135, if a longer session is required, this will be charged pro rata.

Are you in ongoing personal psychotherapy yourself and undertaking continuous professional development?
Yes. I am committed to ongoing self-development.

How do you work?
My work will be different with each client, as to best serve the needs of the individual. With both short-term Solution-Focused-Counselling and medium- or long-term psychotherapy our work together will take place in an open, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere, building a positive and healthy relationship.

On a practical level, we will meet weekly at an agreed time. Counselling and psychotherapy are often described as a “Talking Cure”. I will draw on different methods from my integrative training. For instance, psychodynamic interpretations of unconscious processes, solution-focused and cognitive behavioural concepts to help you on a practical level with the tasks in hand, Transactional Analysis to look at your relationships with others and Gestalt Therapy to experience experimentally what is holding you back and how it would feel if life was the way you would like it to be. Further, I draw on Jungian dream-work and visualizations, which not only help clients to gain deep insights, but also to release old blockages.

The therapeutic relationship lies at the heart of humanistic and transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy. Experiencing unconditional positive regard and containment are the key-ingredients of change, allowing you to safely bring whatever you need to explore, no matter how challenging or scary it might seem.

If you feel after the initial consultation that you do not wish to work with me, you are under no obligation to do so, or, if you are undecided, you can arrange a few taster session to see how you feel.

Who do you work with?
Madeleine works with clients from all sorts of backgrounds, ranging from chefs, stay-at-home mothers and fathers over students, academics to actors, lawyers, high-ranking hospital consultants and investment bankers, with issues across the spectrum from self-development and mild depression to anger management, relationship issues, sexual orientation and suicidal ideation.
Everybody is welcome. Everybody is deserving of time and attention.

Do you offer Clinical Supervision?
Yes, Madeleine is a BACP and UKCP registered trained Clinical Supervisor and offers integrative, transpersonal supervision to psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists. She has a lot of experience in supervising individuals and groups, face-to-face, by phone and on Skype. She is delighted to work with supervisees from different modalities. Madeleine aims to offer an open and collaborative atmosphere to her supervisees – a safe space for open in-depth exploration.

Are you experienced at working in conjunction with other health care professionals?
Yes. While Transpersonal Psychotherapy is very effective at releasing trauma held in the body, we sometimes make referrals to other practitioners to help release trauma acquired in a difficult birth or major accidents.

I like your way of working, but live in a different area – can you help?
Yes, Maida Vale Counselling is very well connected in the field and happy to refer to a therapist in your area. I also offer Telephone Counselling – and therapy on Skype or FaceTime, which might suit your needs… Give it a try.

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